The sprayings evaluation, besides a sampling adjustment also needs a precise analysis of the results. However, it is cause time consumption, stimulating development of software to make this process. Related software need to be validated to generate representative results. The objective of present work
was to evaluate two softwares for analysis of spraying parameters carried over water-sensitive papers. The used nozzles were designed for drops production
among the classes: very fine to fine; fine to medium; medium to thick and thick to very thick. The nozzles were moved away of the target in 40, 60 and 80 cm for
attainment different levels of covering. A device was used to restrict the exposition of water-sensitive paper to the drops and also to facilitate the interpretation of
the acquired data. Therefore, it was carried and evaluated 12 treatments, consisting of the interaction between 4 nozzles and 3 target heights, with 3 replications. Data of drops density, drops covered area, Numerical Medium Diameter (NMD) and Volumetric Medium Diameter (VMD), calculated by conventional form and through software were compared. Both softwares presented bad results when compared with visual analysis of spraying parameters over water-sensitive papers. Adjustments are suggested so they can be used with reliability.
Keywords: coverage, NMD, VMD